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SIZE Approx. 46-54 square feet
FINISH Natural Material protection
THICKNESS 1.00 - 0.2 mm
ABRASION Taber test, 100 cycles, CS-10, 100 grams
FLEX Newark Flex, 5,000 cycles
COLOR CROCK Fek Veslic, 200 grams, Tension 10%
Dry 100 Rubs, Wet 20 Rubs
COLORFASTNESS 20 hours exposure
Blue Standard #8


EcoHides™ is the first 100% environmentally-conscious method for processing leather. By utilizing natural colorants, vegetable products and waxes, we created EcoHides™, a soft and pliable leather, without harming the environment.

EcoHides™ leather is breathable and easier to shape without pleats or creases, and has a higher flexibility of use than chemically treated hides.

Even Tone Pampa
Even Tone Pampa
Textured Rage
Textured Rage