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Prepared in a variety of in-stock or custom colors and finishes with very short lead times, our exclusive lines of leather hides are available directly to the public or to interior designers and manufacturers by shopping through our Categories or by contacting our sales office at 323.722.5500

Produced locally in Los Angeles, our  leather hides are distributed throughout the United States and internationally.

It is our goal that with our commitment to the highest standards of quality (ISO/TS 169:2002) we will exceed the expectations of our customers.  

How to Order Our Leather

Leather is sold by the hide only, on a square foot basis.
Whole hides generally run approximately 46-54 sq. ft.
Equivalents of leather square footage to 54 inch wide fabric goods are shown below:
17 sq. ft. = 1 yd 51 sq. ft. = 3 yds.   85 sq. ft. = 5 yds.   119 sq. ft. = 7 yds.   153 sq. ft. = 9 yds.  
34 sq. ft. = 2 yds. 68 sq. ft. = 4 yds. 102 sq. ft. = 6 yds. 136 sq. ft. = 8 yds. 170 sq. ft. = 10 yds.